Request for Proposals (RFP)



The Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals, firms/organizations (Proponent) for the provision of consulting services (Services) to develop and implement a Back-office work and staffing capacity analysis of key operational units. This project is meant as a pilot study to identify opportunities for efficiencies across work units, in terms of duplicated efforts, reduced coordination, and ineffective processes, among others. In turn, these performance and organizational improvements will support enhancements across other health agencies and services provided.


Period of Performance: The term of the work is from April 1 to June 30, 2021, subject to formalization of an agreement between the PRDOH and the selected Proponent and the availability of funds.


Questions or requests for information must be directed to:


NAME: Eduardo Zavala-Mendoza, PhD, MP, PPL

TITLE: Auxiliary Secretary of Planning and Development


PHONE: 787-765-2929, ext. 3711

MOBILE: 787-367-2072


Proposals must be submitted via e-mail ( Deadline for submission of proposals is March 15, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. AST.

 I. Background

As the leading public health agency, the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH) is strongly committed to designing and implementing public health policies and strategies that promote and achieve healthy communities. Improving our execution and performance will be instrumental to successfully achieve this goal. Therefore, the FY21 Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico certified by the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) recommends the PRDOH to conduct a back-office work and staffing capacity analysis that would identify efficiency opportunities. Such efforts are directly aligned with the Plan's main intent to promote a responsive, highly capable public sector.


The capacity analysis is critical for the public health-related agencies to identify duplicated efforts and other inefficiencies across entities that risk current fiscal resources. Consequently, identified opportunities for cross-agency coordination and program consolidation would enable designing solutions to increase effectiveness, productivity, and resource optimization. Similarly, elimination of duplicated/ineffective activities, process automation, and priority assignment models, among other initiatives, could significantly reduce errors and inefficiencies in services.


The PRDOH is a large and complex organization with more than 20 organizational units and programs, and a workforce of 2,349 (2020). As the bona fide health organization for Puerto Rico, it is in charge of developing and implementing public health policy and overseeing effective implementation of public health services and diverse efforts across several health-related agencies, including public hospitals (e.g., HURRA, HOPU), ASSMCA, ASEM, and ASES, among others. Thus, the PRDOH's Strategic Plan 2020-2025 prioritizes organizational sustainability through process improvement for greater agility, efficiency and effectiveness that will contribute to improving the population's health and well-being. The proposed capacity analysis will serve as a blueprint for a streamlined, efficient, and high performing health organization.   

 II. Purpose

The required capacity analysis is part of PRDOH's Fiscal Plan Implementation effort geared toward improving public health services and operational/administrative efficiency through several savings initiatives.

Among other parameters, this analysis will contribute to accomplishing the following purposes:

  • Analyze current roles and positions by program and activity, including back-office roles and positions and type of position (regular/contract);
  • Conduct a demand driven staff sizing analysis to identify gaps regarding expected response capacity, administrative burden, task duplication, overlap or fragmentation of roles positions/activities and, inefficient use of resources;
  • Quantify and analyze opportunities for headcount reduction across agencies and its impact on public health services;
  • Define priority opportunities to improve key functions to reduce, realign or centralize duplicated, overlapping, or fragmented of roles positions/activities.

 III. Scope of Work

The PRDOH is seeking to contract with an organization with proven expertise in management, human resources, and/or organizational consulting to develop and execute a back-office work and staffing capacity analysis for key operational and administrative primary units.


Units will be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Type of unit (administrative/operational)
  2. Number of back-office positions/roles per unit
  3. Number of occupied positions per unit
  4. Number of secondary units (e.g., divisions, areas, sections)
  5. Level of interdependency with other units

Specifically, the proposal shall focus on the following objectives:

  • Develop a Process, Structure, Capacity and Deliverable Analysis (PSCDA) according to selected/prioritized PRDOH operational units, to include at least:
    • Description and analysis of:
      • Business units structure;
      • Operations sequencing;
      • Workload drivers
    • Outline process flow and structure analysis:
      • Functional structure charts;
      • Organizational structure charts;
      • Inventory of current roles and positions by program and activity, paying special attention to the back-office positions category in following phases.
      • Labor Profile Distribution
    • Capacity Analysis:
      • Activity/Task List by Position;
      • Workload Evaluation;
      • Outcomes and outputs expected versus obtained.


The PRDOH shall provide the organization the following resources:

  • Current organizational charts/documents
  • Current Classification Plan/Positions List
  • PRDOH Strategic Plan 2020-2025
  • PRDOH Fiscal Plan Implementation Schedule
  • Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards and Measures
  •  Among other relevant documentation as identified by PRDOH


Deliverables for this proposal include:

  • Position and roles inventory, including back-office personnel findings;
  • Outline process flows of Organizational Structure and Operations Sequence and, Business Unit Performance.
  • Demand driven staff sizing findings;
  • Overall productivity on key operations findings;
  • Gap analysis between current staff and those needed to carry out functions delegated by law/administrative orders to the selected operational units using year 2008 as baseline of headcount;
  • Final report with three proposed action plan to improve key functions and to reduce, realign or centralize duplicated, overlapping, or fragmented roles positions/activities. Report should include an analysis of the following:
    • Findings of duplicated positions/activities that can be reduced, realigned or centralized into one position or task;
    • Non-value-added activities;
    • Information duplicity;
    • Quantification analysis of headcount optimization opportunities (reducing, consolidating, among others);
    • Functional allocation of business units;
    • Legal framework and necessary synergies to accomplish each possible action plan.
  • Proposed metrics throughout key process stages and the operating hierarchy.


Responsibilities include:

  • PRDOH:
    • Establishing a Project Manager/team for project oversight
    • Providing guidance and feedback during the project
    • Providing requirements, priorities, concerns, relevant data, among others
  • Proponent/Contractor:
    • Assigning a Project Manager/Point of Contact to communicate with PRDOH
    • Developing relevant project aspects, such as: proposed methodology, tools, protocols, among others
    • Conducting data collection activities, analyses, and reporting
    • Sustain constant communication with PRDOH and PM Team to ensure project flows efficiently and feedback is addressed, among others


Proponents' Minimum Qualifications and Experience

To be considered for award, a proponent must provide evidence of their experience for a minimum of eight (8) years:

  • Submit two (2) case studies where similar services were rendered:
    • development and implementation of management, human resources, and/or organizational development projects, geared toward performance and quality improvement in the public sector
    • designing, monitoring, and reporting systems for government and/or public health entities; and
  • Demonstrate experience working with and assessing complex governmental programs, processes, or services.
  • Provide evidence of compliance with all requirements by law to operate in Puerto Rico and contract with Puerto Rico Government.
  • Show compliance with data privacy and other relevant regulation.


The Proponent shall provide information regarding their firm/organization so the PRDOH can evaluate the Proponent's ability to provide the services requested herein. At its discretion, the PRDOH may require the Proponent to provide additional information and clarify information.


Qualifications and Experience of Key Personnel

The Proponent shall submit CV/resumes of Key Personnel to demonstrate evidence of relevant qualifications and experience necessary according to the Scope of this RFP.


Time Execution

The proposed project must be executed in a maximum of nine (9) weeks after contract signing. To do this, a calendar with deliverables as listed above is required. Specifically, findings of duplicated positions / activities to be reduced, realigned, or centralized must be presented no later than the seventh week.

IV. Proposal Overview

Proposal Format

Proposals shall include the following sections (section rating scores are included in parenthesis):

  • (65) Project Proposal – Detailed description of proposed project per Scope of Work, including:
    • (5) Executive summary – High level summary (2-3 pages max.)
    • (30) Firm/organization information
      • Purpose, Mission, and Vision
      • Description of relevant qualifications and experience
      • Evidence of organizational capacity (e.g., leadership CVs, structure)
        • Leadership
        • Key project staff
    • (30) Description of proposed capacity analysis
      • Detailed rationale/concept model
      • Description of Methodology and approach to scope of services
      • Work Plan, activities, and milestones
      • Detailed Timeline
      • Level of effort needed to complete each phase of timeline
      • Complete description of work performed during each phase
  • (30) Cost/Budget
    • Detailed description of estimated expenses by line item/schedule
  • (5) Appendices
    • Statement of Work
    • (2) Case Studies
    • Organizational Chart
    • Qualifications of Team / Resumes/CVs of Key Personnel

Proposal Style Requirements include:

  • Times New Roman, 12-point font; 1.5 spacing
  • One-inch margins
  • 8.5' x 11' Letter Paper size/portrait orientation
  • No page minimum or maximum

​ V. RFP Process and Proposal Evaluation

Questions and Requests for Clarification

Individuals and firms/organizations interested in responding to this RFP shall examine this document thoroughly and familiarize themselves with any applicable Federal or Local laws, regulations, and standards, among others, that might affect provision of services.


Any questions, concerns, or doubts that arise after evaluating the RFP and related documentation, shall be addressed to the PRDOH Point of Contact, Dr. Eduardo Zavala, Auxiliary Secretary of Planning and Development, electronically via the following e-mail:  


Any information or clarification request must be submitted to the PRDOH by March 8, 2021, 5:00 p.m. AST.


Proposal Submission

Proponents shall submit the proposal with all supporting documentation, electronically via the following e-mail:, by the due date, March 15, 2021, 5:00 p.m. AST. All documents must be submitted in PDF. Proposals received after the due date shall not be evaluated.


Within 24 hours of submission, the Proponent shall receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of the proposal/supporting documents by the PRDOH.


Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals that comply with all requirements will be evaluated by a PRDOH-appointed panel, according to requirements/scoring mentioned in previous sections. Proposals that fail to comply with requirements will not be reviewed/rated. Attempts to contact or influence selection process will result in disqualification.


To be evaluated, proposals must be:

  • Received by the due date/time
  • Meet proposal style requirements
  • Follow proposal format
  • Be complete and have all supporting documents required

Evaluation criteria:

  • Maximum possible total combined score for proposals = 100 points
    • Proponent Qualifications and Experience = 0 – 30 points
    • Proposed Capacity Analysis = 0 – 30 points
    • Cost Proposal = 0 – 30 points
    • Supporting information = 0 – 10 points


Oral Presentations

The PRDOH may, at its sole discretion, request any Proponent to provide and oral presentation of its Proposal.  The PRDOH will contact the Proponent(s) to schedule a date, time, location, or method. All presentations made by this Proponent at the oral interview, if any, will be considered binding and may be incorporated to contract.

Direct Negotiations

The PRDOH may select one or more Proponents to be invited to one or more meetings to start negotiations.  The purpose of such meeting will be to clarify any doubts as to the requirements of the RFP and to confirm that the terms of the Contract are understood by the Proponent to ensure compliance with the specifications.  No statement made or action taken by the PRDOH during these discussions or negotiations shall bind the PRDOH in any manner.  After each interview or meeting with any Proponent, the Evaluation Committee may require the Proponent to submit a written confirmation of any clarification of the Proposal discussed at the meeting. The PRDOH will keep confidential all such discussions and negotiations. Prior to the Award of the RFP, information related to a Proposal or its evaluation will not be discussed with anyone other than the Proponent who submitted it and the personnel involved in the evaluation and selection process. 


No Obligation to Contract

This RFP does not oblige the Government of Puerto Rico of the PRDOH to execute the Contract.


Full Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By submitting a Proposal in response to this RFP, a Proponent agrees to follow and abide by the procedures, terms, conditions, and instructions set forth herein.


Notification to Proponents

The Successful Proponent as well as proponents whose Proposals have not been selected will be notified via email by March 22, 2021.


Review and Reconsideration

Any Proponent adversely affected by a decision made by the PRDOH in connection with the selection and award procedures provided in this RFP may submit a request for reconsideration to the PRDOH Office of Legal Affairs in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act, Law No. 38 of June 30, 2017, as amended, and the PRDOH regulations, within twenty-days (20) since the notification date, via the following e-mail: and, by April 12, 2021, 2:00 p.m. AST.


A request for reconsideration, as well as another petition for review, must be in writing  and identify the name and address of the requesting party, contain a detailed and accurate statement of the grounds for the request, including copies of relevant documents, and specify the relief requested. 


A request for reconsideration or other petition for review that fails to comply with the time limits or procedures stated above or otherwise provided in the PRDOH regulations may be dismissed or denied without further consideration.


Judicial review of the determinations made by the PRDOH as to a request for reconsideration will be governed by the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act and the PRDOH regulations.


Process Schedule

  • RFP Released: March 4, 2021
  • Q&A Period: March 4-8, 2021, 5:00 p.m. AST
  • Proposals Due: March 15, 2021 5:00 p.m. AST
  • *Award Decision (tentative): March 22, 2021
  • *Project period (tentative): April 1 to June 30, 2021